If you are in the market to buy, you want to find the best home at the best price and terms. Claimpost Realty Ltd. can assist you. Relocating can be stressful.

You can minimize the chaos and keep the transition smooth by planning, organizing and remembering a few basic tips or Contact one of our Representatives for a copy of our exclusive “MOVING CHECKLIST”.

  • Send Change of Address cards out before moving day. Arrange for mail to be forwarded to your new address.
  • Obtain a letter of introduction from your current branch to help establish new accounts. Transfer trust or bank accounts and securities.
  • If moving to another city, remember to cancel any social, athletic, religious and/or business memberships and arrange for the transfer of medical records. You may also need to make arrangement for the moving of any pets.
  • Change the address on your driver’s license(s) effective the day of the move.
  • Collect all items out for cleaning, repair or storage. e.g. fur coats, dry cleaning.
  • Make special arrangements for the moving of perishables, such as plants.
  • Dispose safely of all flammable liquids as it is illegal for movers to carry them.