A listing agreement is an important part of selling your home. A listing agreement combines several key pieces of information such as: details about your home, the legal relationship between you and the REALTOR®, obligations, listing price, fees, and documents. The following documents are usually required:

Plan of Survey/Location Certificate: a property survey will verify the lot size and location of buildings along with any additional neighbourhood information that may be required.

Property Tax Receipts: listing agreements require verification of current annual property taxes. Having your assessment record available is extremely helpful.

Mortgage Verification: your mortgage lender will have to verify the figures required regarding the balance of your mortgage and if there are penalties to be paid from your discharging your mortgage.

This is extremely important because without the verification you have no way of knowing exactly what your payout would be and you may end up owing money to the mortgage company when you sell your house.

Deed/Title Search: a description of your property and the proof that you own it.

Other Documentation: You will need additional information on items such as annual heating; electrical; and water and sewer expenses, as well as any documentation for recent home improvement costs.